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The construction of multi-family homes and the honing of the processes there-in have been a part of True Line since the beginning. We have worked on every aspect of the building process from establishing initial control, to the layout of all proposed permanent structures, and finishing the project with an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey. Some of the Services we offer regarding the construction of multi-family housing are as follows, but not limited to:

INITIAL CONTROL – investigation of current on-site control. the establishment of new site wide control, and established benchmarks. This may include the preliminary layout such as silt fencing, construction entrances, etc.

PROPOSED UTILITY LAYOUT – This includes all water, storm, and sanitary sewer. We include offsets at all directional changes and structures with cut/fill to all corresponding elevations. We have the ability to be very flexible with offsets and the layout of utility structures. Let us know exactly how you want your structures laid out and we will accommodate you.

PRECISION LAYOUT FOR FOUNDATIONS – This can include pier layout, corners and/or grid lines. We offer a pre-pour form survey with a digital exhibit showing existing form error before concrete is ever on site.

FLATWORK AND CURB – We can be layout these items to your specifications or let our experts calculate it. All work done will be accompanied by a digital staking sheet with what was laid out that day and field lathes marked with corresponding numbers to the digital staking sheet. This gives everyone involved a clear understanding of the work done and what it represents.

Throughout the construction process, with over 250 completed multi-family housing projects of experience, we save construction companies money and time with precise layout and consulting to ensure structures are built in the right place before any mistakes end up costing a fortune