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Below are common types of surveys and the respective definition based on the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter O, Rule §3.276.

As-built survey: A survey to depict the relationship of improvements to property boundary lines

Boundary survey: A survey to determine or confirm a boundary line on real property, or to obtain data for constructing a map or description showing a boundary line.

Easement survey: A survey to determine or confirm by map or description, the boundaries of a tract of real property used in granting the right, privilege, or liberty given to a person or group to use land belonging to another for a specific and definite purpose. An easement survey may document existing easements or be used to establish a new easement.

Land title survey: A boundary survey to determine or confirm boundary locations for title transfer of real property.

Right-of-way survey: A survey to determine or confirm right-of way-lines, center lines, or reference lines, including surface, overhead and underground lines. Such surveys typically document the route of highways, railroads, pipelines, waterways or canals, and transmission lines for electrical or communication purposes.

Subdivision plat: A survey to divide a tract of real property into parcels or lots, and may include the location of items such as street rights-of-ways or easements. The survey is often performed to meet subdivision statutes or county and municipal regulations. This survey may also be referred to as a lot survey.

Title survey: A survey to investigate and evaluate factors affecting and influencing boundary locations, ownership lines, rights-of-way, and easements within or immediately surrounding a tract of real property. A title survey is commonly performed to locate, determine, or reestablish property boundaries for title insurance purposes.

Topographic survey: A survey to determine the configuration, relief, or elevations of a portion of the earth’s surface, including the location of natural features.

Tree survey: A survey to locate and identify existing trees on real property. If services are performed to evaluate the health of a tree, to remove a tree, or to prune a tree, those services are taxable landscaping services. See §3.356 of this title (relating to Real Property Service).

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